You Dream It — Let Us Draw the Roadmap.

W.I.T. Capital Management offers a variety of services & strategies designed to assist in achieving your short and long-term financial needs. Our team of experienced professionals stands ready to help in a variety of ways including:  Financial Planning Strategies, Portfolio Guidance, Estate Strategies, Estate Administration, Benefit Planning, Business Succession Planning


Financial Planning Strategies

W.I.T. Capital’s disciplined process examines your entire financial picture in order to provide recommendations and a roadmap to help you organize, address & work towards your financial goals. No aspect of your financial life escapes our deliberation and focus. Your relationship with W.I.T. Capital is extensive and on-going – we know that life changes. That’s why our team will regularly reassess your plan as circumstances change.

• Retirement Planning: A detailed review of your assets, cash flow study and in-depth discussions on your future goals allow us to create a strategy and plan for your retirement. We not only help our clients determine if they are saving enough for retirement, we help them dream it and organize an action plan towards financial independence.

• Education Analysis: A financial stress for many families is thinking about the rising costs of education for their children and how to plan for this current or future expense. We use customized analytics to develop an appropriate education saving strategy designed to work for you and your family.

• Disability Income Analysis: Can your current lifestyle continue, even if your income cannot? Disability Insurance is often the most overlooked aspect of financial planning, and in many cases the greatest potential household liability. Our team will help you understand what life financially could look like following a disability and provide options to help protect your financial future.

• Life Insurance Analysis: How much insurance should you have on your life? Beyond guessing, picking a number at random or ignoring the need altogether, there are effective ways to answer this question. W.I.T. Capital will help you right size the coverage on your life through a needs-based and goal-oriented cash flow study that helps you avoid paying too much for life insurance coverage — or avoid carrying too little protection.

• Custom Analysis: Questions on social security benefits and when to start collecting? Looking for a new home or vehicle and wondering how and if you can afford it? Are you in need of a debt reduction strategy to assist in meeting your financial objectives? Not every client is in the same situation, so that’s why we tailor our analysis to you specific needs.

Portfolio Guidance

At the core of W.I.T. Capital Management, resides our Financial Professionals ability to work with you and your family in creating a customized Investment Policy tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Your Investment Policy clearly states the specifications of risk and return that are acceptable to you and your family, the fundamental approach we will work towards as a team, and the metrics we will use to measure your success as we chart and monitor the market in relation to the progress of your portfolio in the years to come.

Once we understand your objectives, we move forward with the research and analytical process of hand selecting a mixture of securities we believe will provide the highest probability of success in exceeding your goals. After you agree, your portfolio is then strategically implemented, and our team will consistently monitor the market, then evaluate and communicate the progress and performance at the preferred frequency selected by each client.

W.I.T. Capital truly values the trust client’s place in our team when allowing us to advise on their life savings. We pride ourselves on always putting our client’s needs and priorities first and having 100% transparency in everything we do.

Estate Strategies

Does your family understand your wishes and financial objectives in your absence? Is your estate structured in a tax-efficient way for future wealth transition to the next generation? Personal estate planning is a widely overlooked process; however it is one of the most important candid conversations to have. Estate documents not only give your family direction and guidance during a difficult time, but if structured correctly, they can eliminate unnecessary fees and taxes.

Knowing our clients and their families plays a significant role in our ability to assist in the development and execution of estate strategies and discussions on wealth transition. While our financial professionals do not offer tax or legal advice, we will work in conjunction with your attorney and CPA in discussing key concepts and strategies, along with coordinating and executing an estate plan that works for you and your family.

Estate Administration

When a loved one passes there are decisions and actions that must be made. Losing a loved one is one of the toughest experiences in life. You are grieving and dealing with emotions you have never faced before and will need to make difficult decisions that you may feel unprepared to make. W.I.T. Capital is available to help during this difficult time and answer any questions you may have in regards to beneficiary IRA rules and regulations, documents needed and how to find them, attorney coordination, accountant coordination and more.

Benefit Planning

Health, Dental, Disability, Life & Vision
What do deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays, waiting periods, and out of pocket maximums mean to you and your family? Understanding health insurance and other benefit options can be overwhelming and difficult. We offer individual and group services to assist in providing comparison of plans and competitive quotes for health, dental, disability, life, and vision insurance.

401(k) & Retirement Plans
Whether you are in need of group or individual plans, our Financial Professionals can help you find a retirement plan that meets your goals and objectives. It is important to know and understand how your plan works for you and your financial future. We have experience in the coordination and set up of different plan types such as: Group 401(k)’s Individual or Solo 401(k)’s, SIMPLE IRA’s, SEP IRAs, Traditional or ROTH IRAs, etc.

Are you turning 65 in the next year? We can assist you in getting set up on Medicare A and B as well as prepare an analysis of all “medi-gap” policies available and provide quotes for the various plans. We will also show you how to research and make the best decision on Part D prescription drug coverage that is available in your area through

Business Succession Planning

Helping to ensure that a company can survive the departure or death of the owner/s or a key employee adds long-term value to a growing business. We offer a variety of strategies and products, including life insurance to help address the loss of a key person. We also offer evaluation of buy-sell agreements, and review of executive benefits to help you stay competitive and maintain quality employees.