WIT Capital Management Philosophy

A Team of Professionals Created with a Novel Approach: Listening

The financial professionals at W.I.T. work on a referral-only basis. With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of professionals has been carefully assembled with complementary strengths that help us work exquisitely well with each other. And with you.

We like to think of our relationship with you like a board of directors...we're your executive team, your personal CFO. W.I.T. is fully dedicated to helping you accomplish your financial objectives.

An important facet of our firm is what we call our “due diligence” or Holistic Planning Process. We begin by making recommendations only after a thorough analysis of your financial picture is made. We average 30+ hours just learning about you. Listening to you. Asking questions about your current situation. And discovering exactly where you want to go before we even begin to create a customized strategy.

As a client of W.I.T. Capital Management, you’ll benefit from a collaborative, one-on-one relationship with financial professionals. With a focus on investment management, we will offer guidance and strategies specific to your individual needs which also include retirement, education, life, disability & estate strategy planning. Additionally, you’ll have access to a comprehensive range of top-quality investment and insurance products from leading financial companies.

Clients Are Partners Here

As with any partnership, it takes more than one person to succeed. We don’t want clients who blindly hand us the reins. We want to partner with you so you’re always cognizant of your situation and ensure that you take a front row seat on the way towards planning your financial success.

Our single-minded mission is to nurture and protect your dreams, your goals and your assets for you — and for the legacy you leave generations to come.

Creating a culture where truth is at the forefront of every conversation, every interaction and every transaction allows the professionals at W.I.T. to give each other and you an environment conducive to success.

When you trust your financial partner in knowing they have the best interests in mind for you and your family, at all junctures in life and death, you’ll also have achieved another important goal: confidence. Earning your trust is what we strive to do every day, year in and year out.